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As the Hortobágy National Park was founded 45 years ago, it is the oldest one in the country. Therefore, it is the very first national park in Hungary. It is part of the Great Hungarian Plain and is undoubtedly one of the most iconic landscapes in the area. Vjm.hu collected some interesting pieces of information about this amazing place including useful travel tips.

nine-hole Bridge Hortobágy
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Where to start

It is recommended to start our journey at the Hortobágy National Park at the visitors’ centre in Hortobágy village. Here, one can get information and guidance for their trip. From the entrance, one can admire the legendary nine-hole Bridge, which is the longest road-bridge in Hungary. According to the legend, it was built of 400,000 bricks that were stuck together with mortar containing milk. There are also amazing restaurants in this area where you can taste the famous Hortobágy-style pancake. The Hortobágyi Csárda is one of the most famous restaurants from where you can get lost of the nine-hole Bridge’s beauty while eating a traditional Hungarian meal. Click here to get a delicious recipe from the Hortobágy and make this amazing pancake at home.

Hortobágy palacsinta
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Crafts and museums

Next to the visitors’ centre, there is a Craft Garden where visitors have the opportunity to try out traditional Hungarian craft professions with the help of experts. In the end, everyone can bring their own crafts home, and they can also buy souvenirs at the store.

The Pastoral Museum introduces the life at the plain and the profession of animal keeping. It takes place in a building that was built in the 18th century, which functioned as accommodation at the beginning. The highlight of the exhibition is the life-size figures dressed up in traditional Hungarian clothes.

betyár Hortobágy
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Another great location is the Bird Shelter and Hospital with the great “Röpde” (a place where birds can flutter safely before caregivers let them go to nature on their own). Here, visitors can not only see the indigenous birds of the Hortobágy but can also take a look at their healing process.

bird Hortobágy
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Another fun way to get to know the animals is the Hortobágy Safari Park. There is an exhibition at the park about those animal species that lived in the area before humans settled down there such as wolves, jackals, and vultures. Also, there is a safari tour by gips to see the wild horses. Moreover, an extra option is to see a show with these amazing animals and the betyárs.

Hortobágy ló horse
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Additional information

Hortobágy is a member of the UNESCO World Heritage list and is also part of the six biosphere reserves in Hungary. Those are the following: Aggtelek, Hortobágy, Kiskunság, Lake Fertő, Pilis Mountains and the Mura-Drava-Danube triangle. Hortobágy is best-known for its herds, mirages, and the nine-hole Bridge. This landscape was adored by Sándor Petőfi who was one of the most beloved Hungarian poets of the 19th century. He wrote many poems about the “Alföld”, the Great Hungarian Plain. If you have a chance to visit the Hortobágy, do not miss out on the whip-popped Hungarian horseman. If you want to find out more about them, we recommend you this article: Hungarian betyárs and their modern counterparts. Additionally, we have also reported about a video CNN shot about the Hungarian “cowboys”.

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