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Last Saturday, lots of people gathered on the Liberty Bridge in Budapest, and over 200 of them joined the mission of setting a world record – reports Since pedestrians get to take over the bridge for certain weekends again this summer, a lot of people were seen attempting the bridge pose this weekend.

People could witness a unique sight on the Liberty Bridge after 3 o’clock in the afternoon last Saturday. Over 200 people attempted the bridge pose, aiming to set the world record in this spectacular way. In the crowd, people were representing all age groups, from the smallest ones to grown men and women. Even Champlion, the mascot of the Wrestling World Championship, made an appearance.

The primary reason for the event was to promote the Wrestling World Championship taking place in Budapest this October.

That is why, besides the world record-setting bridge poses, people could also see some wrestling shows to get excited about the event this autumn.


Birkózó rekordkísérlet a Szabadság hídon
28 July 2018, Budapest: The Hungarian national team with Champlion; Photo: MTI, Lajos Soós

Sándor Bárdosi, one of the hosts of the event entitled “Bridge on the bridge!” (“Hidalj a hídon!”), was present along with the best of the national team who will represent Hungary at the Championship. They seemed to have special powers – or just a lot of luck – as all the grey clouds disappeared from above the bridge by the 3 o’clock starting time. The athletes and other participants had mats ready for them in the middle of the bridge that provided enough space for over 200 people.

At first, people dropped into the bridge pose in a domino effect-style, one after the other. Sándor Bárdosi and members of the Olympic team also participated in this, bringing the number of participants to a total of 204.

Birkózó rekordkísérlet a Szabadság hídon
Photo: MTI, Lajos Soós

Luckily, setting the world record was a success, so it is no wonder that the audience got really excited and ran up to the national athletes, asking for autographs.

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Featured image: – Tamás Gergely


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