According to, Forbes magazine made a list of the biggest Hungarian family businesses in the August issue. Csanyi family is also on the list, but they could be the 2nd.

  1. Kasza family – Jasz-Plasztik Kft.

The head of Kasza family from Jaszebereny, Lajos Kasza and his cousin, Janos Kasza launched their battery manufacturing and plastic molding business, Jasz-Plasztik Kft. worth HUF 90.6 billion, 25 years ago. Today they employ more than 2700 people, they are the suppliers of, including Samsung, Volkswagen or Electrolux. In addition, Lajos Kasza is among the richest people with his personal assets. He finished 8th on Forbes’ list of richest Hungarians.

  1. Csanyi family – Bonafarm

The family business of Sandor Csanyi, Bonafarm, which is the biggest Hungarian agricultural and food company, owns Sole-Mizo, Herz and Pick among others. They manage nearly 30 thousand hectares. The company group directed by Csanyi’s son, Attila,  was adversely affected by the Russian embargo, but they got plenty of agricultural subsidies even last year: in the light of the collection of K-Monitor, it got HUF 5.9 billion from the state and the EU. The estimated value of Bonafarm is HUF 87.5 billion.

  1. The Felcsuti family’s company empire of metal and plastic products

The business of Felcsuti family has grown huge: specializing in the production of metal and plastic production, the company’ products invaded and established their popularity in the world’s DIY-stores, and their headquarters was transferred to Singapore. They own Widenta, which is one of the largest grinding tool factory of the continent, FEG and the Baja Furniture Factory as well. A few years ago they bought Kemikal too, gaining space in the building materials market as well. According to Forbes, the company group is worth HUF 69.5 billion.

Laszlo Barany, who transferred the operation management of Master Good to his sons, gave an interview to the magazine. He finished 5th with his poultry farming family company. The head of the family belongs to the third generation of poultry holders: his grandfather started the business, and according to the plans, the Barany’s grandchildren will take over the business soon. Master Good Kft. doubled its tax profit last year, and sales were HUF 5 billion higher than a year earlier.

On the list, there is the Futo family which moved from confectionery industry to real estate development, the Zwack family which became world-famous for Unicum, and Beres family which stands behind Beres Pharmaceuticals.

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