Mysterious castle ruins, unexpected shapes of rocks, bright green grassy plateaus – Nograd County has such treasures, if you see them in a photo, you won’t believe they were made here, in our immediate neighborhood. Meet the Novohrad-Nograd Geopark, it’s worth, said.

The photos below were taken in the world’s first cross-country geo park, at the Novohrad-Nograd Geopark. Nearly 100 settlements joined the park, which was created in 2010, 64 from the Hungarian and 28 from the Slovakian side. The landscape, which is either gentle or dramatic, can be explored on foot, by bike or even on horseback. You can find there castle ruins, incredible rock formations and idyllic villages as well.

The geo park – which was announced by the UNESCO Division of Earth Sciences in 1997 – is responsible for the preservation, exhibition and forming into a touristic product of a given area’s geological, natural, ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural values.

You you’d like to traverse the park, and even on horseback, recommends you the Private Stud Farm of Janos Loska in Vonyarc-Sarlospuszta. You can apply for shorter riding or even for a week-long trip. The farm consists 110 Kisber half-bred, the sight of the grazing horse group will fascinate even those who don’t want to ride.

The photos were taken at the biggest outdoor photo festival of the area, the Medvesi Photo Marathon. The event is unique in that the photographers can take the best shots on guided tours, in floodlit castles, at a wildlife park, in mine museum, at photo technical demonstrations or even from crane cars, but the organizers even recruited armored soldiers and blacksmiths in order to take really interesting photos. You can see them here.

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