The Budapest Tropicarium is the perfect place to spend an afternoon if you are looking for something new to explore in the city or if the hot weather becomes unbearable. As Világjáró Magazin writes, the Tropicarium is an enchanted kingdom ruled by sharks, rays, alligators, colourful fish as well as by monkeys and reptilians.

The moment you enter the Tropicarium, you are greeted by the Hungarian fish fauna. You can observe the underwater world in its peaceful and natural setting.

The best thing about the Budapest Tropicarium is that it gives you a glimpse both into the world of rainforests and deep-sea. If you proceed further, you will find yourself in a rain forest-like setting with dozens of colourful and beautiful birds flying above your head. Did we mention the marmosets? You will check out each other with the same curiosity. The final attraction in this room are the lazy snakes showing off their exotic scales in all colours imaginable.

rain forest bird tropicarium

Every 15 minutes, you are likely to get soaked in the rain forest: there is artificial rain, lightning and thunder there.

Pair this with the Mississippi alligators relaxing right beneath your feet, the chameleons playing hide-and-seek, the giant turtles, spiders and scorpions (do not worry, they are not set loose), and you will truly feel like exploring one of the Amazonas forests.

The next room takes you to the serene Asian and African lakes, where the fish live in almost the same setting as at home in Africa and Asia. It is not just the fish that are worth paying good attention to, as the water plants are just as beautiful. Still, Világjáró Magazin argues that the top celebrities here are the piranhas, even though they bite.

Then you find yourself in an 11 metres long tunnel with sharks swimming above your head…

Hands down the most exciting sight to behold in the Tropicarium is this 1.4 million litres big tunnel that turns into a giant shark tank. This is Central Europe’s largest sea tank, inhabited by 5 sharks (each of them reaching a length of 2 metres) stingrays, and a hybrid between the two species: the bowmouth guitarfish. Of course, there are 50 other tanks besides the main attraction, full of thousands of wonderful water creatures.

shark tropicarium

If you are interested in watching a live shark-feeding, then we suggest visiting the Tropicarium on Thursdays at 3 pm. The Tropicarium employs professional caretakers who are qualified divers, and whose job is to dive into the shark tank once a week to feed the sharks from their own hands and to clean the tank. The sharks are usually fed 12-15 kilograms of sea fish.

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