Everybody knows the most famous tourist attractions of Budapest by heart. Those that are included in every single guidebook you can find: the Parliament, Buda Castle, St. Stephen’s Basilica, etc. These videos, on the other hand, show you all the good places in the capital those precious guidebooks omitted.

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Little secrets of Budapest

In this video, a Hungarian girl named Regina shows us around. She emphasises those parts of Budapest that you will most probably not find in guidebooks. This includes the favourite bars and cafés of Hungarian university students and a surprisingly not-that-well-known part of town which is just a stone throw’s away from the main tourist attractions like Vörösmarty Square, which hosts the famous Christmas fair every year.

Hidden gems in Budapest

For this video, Urban Adventures asked their guides in Budapest to describe their favourite hidden gems in the Hungarian capital. They mention, among others, a lesser known Turkish bath (Veli Bej Bath), and the locals’ favourite place; the philosophers’ garden on Gellért Hill.

Interestingly, we have written about Veli Bej, which is a small yet cosy bath. It is from the 16th century, and it is a local favourite.

Budapest best kept secrets

Budapest – top 10 unique places and secret spots

In this video, Chasing Everywhere aims to show “a more alternative side to Budapest” to her viewers. For example, she finds an abandoned art garden called Epreskert Art Garden, and she also shows Memento Garden, which is a special place where all the statues are “hidden” which have some connection to the communist regime that ruled Hungary during the 1940s.

She also made an entire video about the best ruin bars in Budapest. You can check that out here.

Hidden secret beneath Budapest

Ross Everett takes a trip to Budapest. The most interesting part of this video is when he first takes an underground caving trip beneath the city. That is actually pretty cool; I also tried it once. You can take a guided caving trip in Hungary’s longest cave: the Pálvölgyi cave (30 km). Visit their website for more information.

A little mischief

YouTuber Jas Davids climbs Chain Bridge through a secret door. It is not only extremely dangerous but also illegal. Do not try this at home.

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