Last January, the Hungarian authorities published a list of the most wanted criminals of Hungarian and international relevance. Only one of them is charged with murder while five of them are charged with gun violence. Five people are highly dangerous persons; most of them are men and rarely women.

Index reported that the most common crimes are blackmail, stealing, and illegal drug trafficking.

Yao Gaopeng

Although Gaopeng has been known in Hungary, he only made it on the Hungarian authorities’ list last year for murdering a 19-year-old prostitute at her flat in Akácfa Street, Budapest. The Nancy-case has been significant since 2015, as it has been reported that more than one politician had contacted the young girl before Gaopeng. The young woman’s customer was also a well-known Hungarian politician, but his name was not revealed.

The man escaped to China where he was caught, and negotiations between the two states have been going on since then.

Zoltán Plank

Nearly EUR 300,000 is the reward for anybody who knows the whereabouts of Plank for attacking two Chinese men on the open streets of Budapest six years ago and stealing nearly EUR 1.5 million. Allegedly, the two Chinese men had this amount of money because they wanted to recharge their shop where they were attacked. The other thieves have been caught, but Plank has been missing since then. Plank disappeared during a car chase when the police intended to arrest him the night the incident happened.

Plank shot with a gun several times and suffered an accident while driving but was able to run away.

Róbert Farkas

Farkas has been on the list since 2002 – that makes him the criminal missing for the longest time. Stealing millions of Hungarian forints in early 2000 and 2002, he is known as the Crow among criminals and the authorities.

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  1. Being a “ well-known politician “ In the kingdom of Orbananas means not only immunity but also right to privacy. Any crime is permitted if you have friends in high places and connections with the right people.
    No wonder why the kingdom looks more and more like its good friend Lukashenko’s Belarus.

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