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How can someone quickly leave the crime scene with a stolen TV or collect so many penalty points that he could lose his driver’s license five times? The following Hungarian cases will give you the answer.

According to the available data, an unknown man broke into an apartment and stole a television at Liszt Ferenc Square (7th district) in Budapest on June 17. He left the crime scene on foot, but later he decided to use public transport, Police reported.

The surveillance cameras recorded the alleged perpetrator as he was walking down a few streets and got on the tram with the TV in his hands.

The Budapest Metropolitan Police initiated an investigation against an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of theft.

However, other offenders had no luck escaping the consequences of their actions. Last Friday, the police wanted to stop a driver in Alagút Street (1st district) in Budapest, but the 34-year-old man ignored the signals and drove off. After a short car chase, the police managed to catch the intoxicated suspect in Széchenyi Street (5th district).

The dash camera in the police car recorded that the driver committed eleven administrative offences: he drove through nine red lights and ignored two no-entry signs. In addition to these offences, the man also used the oncoming lane and the bus lane in three cases and ignored the stop sign in two cases. Police wrote that

during the incident, the driver accumulated 93 penalty points that is five times more than the number of penalty points automatically entailing the loss of the driver’s license in Hungary.

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