Hungarian beauty

Unbelievable, but Vivien Keszthelyi has already been racing for five years, and she is the youngest contestant of the International GT4 Championships. According to Joseph (Sepp) Haider, the head of the Audi Sports Racing Academy, she surprised him the most because “she is incredibly smart and unbelievably calm. She controls her Audi TT Cup race car perfectly.”

We already reported about Vivien before, and did an interview with her just recently, in which she said that she decided to race in Austria while watching one of them, and even though they tried to talk her out of it, she insisted. She learned the basics swiftly, so,

after turning 14, she could start racing. 

Vivien was already successful in her first race in the European Swift Cup, in which she obtained the third place. She added that she received special permission to be able to drive since she did not have a license then.

Hungarian beauty
Proudly on the stage.

Now, she has a driving license but says that driving in the city is much more dangerous than on the race track. In the beginning, she faced problems because of her young age, and everybody thought that after her first defeat she would finish racing. However, the opposite happened. At present, Vivien said, even after unsuccessful races she pulls herself together quickly and

concentrates on the next challenge.

She added that in the 2017 season she had many accidents. However,  she never thought that because of them she should finish racing.

Hungarian beauty
Strict diet, a lot of preparation and training. But it is worth.

Vivien not only drives but also does exercises targeting most importantly her neck, hands and body because she needs those muscles during the races.

Massages she must take part in are sometimes very painful

because masseurs have to ease sore muscles.

Hungarian beauty
Training is as important as driving.

Furthermore, she has to follow a strict diet prescribing how many calories she can eat per day. Thus, it takes hours until she can do the shopping since she has to check each product regarding the number of calories it contains.

If Vivien does not sit in a car, she is with her family, with her boyfriend or she rides. As a matter of fact, she is dating David Schumacher, the nephew of Michael Schumacher.

Hungarian beauty
Vivien and David Schumacher.

She speaks a lot with David’s father, Ralf, who gives her a lot of advice she tries to seize.

According to her, she is very proud that she could become second in the Audi R8 Cup this year because, in the beginning, her goal was only to get into the top 5. Next year, she will be able to try herself in the Formula 3 series where

Vivien will represent Hungary among the best female pilots of 26 countries.


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