According to, 90% of the refugees came to Hungary in the Roszke region, the barbed wire is just being built there.

Website saw on Friday that the refugees laid sleeping bags on it and climbed over the closing of border.

Just a few days ago the quick-installed barbed wire (GYODA) has been deployed, it has already been vandalized. On Friday, authors of the article saw the police caught two bigger groups: the migrants, overcoming the water channel and the NATO blade row, arrived in front of the policemen. / Sandor Gemes

About 40 people climbed the three-row barbed wire at Roszke on Friday, barely 200 meters from the reopened old passage. The event was followed live on, because the reporters were waiting to enter Hungary from Serbia. The group has already been waited by the police which is not surprising since the thermal camera sees everything. When they looked closer at the scene, they saw the refugees climbed it in three places, trying to protect themselves with sleeping bags from the blades. / Sandor Gemes

There were some who used their backpack to beat down the closing of borders. It seemed not much power is needed to ruin the newly-established system. The migrants did not get very far; the police arrived with several minibuses at the closing of borders. The border violators were removed quickly, their place was taken by the CSI: fence vandalism is a crime. / Sandor Gemes

The Roszke case shows well that the influx of refugees moved from the Asotthalom area to Roszke-Szeged.

Police messages tell the biggest, 150-200-people groups are caught in the Roszke region. knows only 150-200 of the daily 1500-1800 refugees are trying at Asotthalom, the others follow the river Tisza.

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Cover photo: / Csaba Segesvari


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