Changes are coming to Budapest’s most famous district. Bars and nightclubs of the party district will be regulated more strictly in order to minimise noise and waste. The mayor wants the kingdom of cheap booze to become a refined cultural district.

Budapest’s party district, a.k.a. the area of Erzsébetváros, surrounded by Erzsébet Boulevard, Király Street, Károly Boulevard, and Rákóczi Road will be regulated more strictly in the near future, hvg reports.

Residents of Erzsébetváros have been outraged by the situation in the party district since 2017. Their main concerns are the noise and waste made by drunk young tourists.

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The District VII Council Assembly set a referendum about the opening hours of clubs in 2018. The referendum wanted bars and nightclubs to be closed from midnight to 6 a.m. Now, it looks like the criteria regulating the opening hours of bars and nightclubs in District VII will be set by next week.

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Establishments would close at midnight. Besides regulating opening hours, the regulation would also include the addition of security guards in smaller pubs and of devices in bigger nightclubs that would count the number of visitors in order to establish new limits. Transit would also be forbidden between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Péter Niedermüller, the newly elected mayor of the district, aims to keep his campaign promises. He said:

“We do not want to close the party district. We aim for it to become a European cultural district with small cafés, galleries, restaurants, and alternative choices. We do not want young foreigners to come to Budapest just because we have cheaper alcohol here.”

The mayor also told hvg that his main aim is to focus on cultural tourism.


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  1. About time. But won’t this simply shift the problem to some other location within the city?

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