Work Force, a Hungarian work agency, drew recently public attention on the fact that more and more foreign guest workers come to Hungary because of the constant labour shortage the country is struggling with. According to them, Hungarians and foreign citizens get the same wages in the same position.

It can only be done professionally

According to the CEO of the company, Róbert Csákvári, the solutions to the problem of labour shortage could be

  • a significant wage increase in Hungary
  • providing better working conditions
  • building more portable cabins and accommodation units
  • flexible working hours
  • and the “import” of guest workers

Regarding the numbers, by the end of last September,

the number of guest workers grew by 150 pc compared to 2017 data.

Work Force also help foreign citizens come to work in Hungary. In fact, 80 pc of them are from Ukraine while 10-10 pc from Romania and Serbia – reported.

This, of course, does not mean that they deal with workers only from these three countries since no companies on the market concentrate only on certain states. Based on their experience, there is a wide range of companies employing foreign workforce from construction companies to factories.

Equal work – equal pay in Hungary

Generally, most of the foreign citizens aiming to work in Hungary come from Romania, Ukraine and Serbia from where Work Force is recruiting, too. Therefore, they have

job advertisements, business partners and a recruiting network

in the target countries in order to get in touch with those who could be persuaded to come to Hungary.

According to them, the paperwork in the case of citizens coming from third countries is flexible but needs time. Of course, non-EU citizens can only come to work in Hungary provided they already obtained all the required documents. The work agencies’ job to help them get all of these papers in time.

Employees come to Hungary only if they can start to work.

Time to time accusations take wing claiming that foreign citizens are brought to Hungary illegally and they get lower wages than their Hungarian counterparts. However, Work Force denied that such a process existed and emphasised that regardless of nationality, payments are identical in Hungary for foreign citizens and Hungarians if their position is the same. They added that the foreign people they are in contact with are employed by the laws.

Portable cabins and accommodation units

The company cleared that they also provide accommodation for the guest workers in hostels, family houses and flats for which the employers pay. Furthermore, they said that they were pioneers in Hungary in building portable cabins and accommodation units for the employees. These can provide a

temporary housing solution for even hundreds of people

and can be put together in less than 6 months correspondently to local needs.

If a contract ends they try to offer something else since they have a network covering the whole of Hungary and their aim is not to let their employee go back.

According to them,

foreign workforce is the solution to the labour shortage problems

of Hungary because the scheme is worth for the companies even though they have to pay further charges for the work agencies.

As we reported before, the labour shortage in the private sector can be observed most dominantly in engineering activities; within the industrial industry, this phenomenon can be experienced significantly in the case of blue-collar workers while the public sector is characterised by a huge scarcity of doctors, nurses, and public health experts.


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