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Whereas a large majority of Hungarians still aspire to buy their own housing, more people who are moving to where there’s a job are opting to rent, the daily Népszava said on Tuesday.

More and more people with savings are buying to rent in order to take advantage of growing demand for rented properties.

In 2017, 5.2 percent of households rented housing on the market, while in 2011 only 3.6 percent did, according to the Central Statistical Office (KSH). The proportion of non-market tenants such as those in social housing remained steady at around 3.5-3.8 percent.

Meanwhile, property ownership for own use declined from 87.6 percent to 85.2 percent in the same period.

Property rentals are doing the briskest trade in Budapest and Hungary’s larger cities, where the proportion of rented housing is 8 percent and 8.4 percent, respectively.

featured image: Daily News Hungary

Source: MTI

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  1. In the great cities of Transylvania there were thousands owners who rented their houses or rooms to the huge mass of migrants from Moldavia and Vallachia…Actually they were originated and had roots in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, today’s Ukraine etc. During WW 1 all these migrants and day-workers enrolled the ‘Romanian’ Army supported by FRANCE…After ‘Trianon Treaty’ they became owners of mostly big houses, grounds and lands especially in Kronstadt (Brasov) and Hermannstadt (Sibiiu), Even they were known as ‘aliens’ they became the officialdom of these cities. After WW2 and Paris Treaty, all the Transylvanian properties, Castles and houses were taken by the new Communist state of Romania. The new city officialdom took the rest of the houses where they lived for the next fifty years… After the so-called ‘Romanian revolution’ all these Communist tenants remained in the stolen houses of the historical centre and became owners by the new post-communist ‘laws’…They belong to a certain centennial social privileged class! Nobody in Europe pleaded for a retrocession or compensation to the real dispossessed owners one hundred years ago and fifty years ago! Our dispossessed forefathers either inherited or bought with hard labour the houses for their descendants. Not even the present time the Romanian Parliament and ‘EU’ do not discuss a retrocession of the Transylvanian properties stolen in the most undemocratic way! Therefore, how safe could be in this Eastern European region the acquisition of houses, lodges and properties for ourselves and our children’s welfare ?…

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