“Does an immigrant cost a lot?” – asked Jobbik politicians Istvan Apati and Daniel Z. Karpat the Minister of Interior how much the daily care of the asylum seekers is. Minister of Interior also answered the written question and presented in detail that why a refugee in Hungary costs HUF 4300 on average a day, index.hu said.

Food: HUF 1300/person
Sanitary equipment: HUF 1550 for men, HUF 1800 for women
Medical care and the necessary medication
Cost per capita of the operating costs of reception centers
Cash benefits for recipients – provided they are entitled to it – HUF 7125 a month.

Pinter also added the Immigration and Naturalization Office had not to purchase tents this year, the four times five meter-large military tents had been set up from the own stocks of the  National Disaster Management Directorate and the Hungarian Defense Forces, and the Czech Republic had also given 50 tents as a donation.

Furthermore, it was found out that 98 containers were placed in Bicske, with a monthly rental fee of HUF 2.854.004 plus VAT.

Pinter also wrote about the closing of borders in his letter, and he told the closing of the whole border section with a technical system would be realized until August 31, and the temporary fence would stand at the Serbian-Hungarian border on November 30. Police does not participate and provide financial help in the construction so they do not have to overtime.

based on the article of index.hu
translated by BA

Photo: MTI

Source: http://index.hu

  1. It takes not to much genious to realize that Hungary is trying to solve the
    problems of EU(mainly of Germany!!!). Consequently, send your bill to
    Germany for prompt payement. Wishing you good luck!

  2. Dear Hungarians,
    No worries, don’t be afraid that these refugees want to stay in Hungary. They are only in transit. Considering public opinion in Hungary, and the shameful treatment of the refugees by the authorities, no single refugee would want to stay in your country. So no worries, they will all go. They just want to travel to a humane country. No one wants to stay in a Budapest station, or in your inhospitable country alltogether. This is not something to be proud of, dear Hungarians!

  3. Dear Hungarians

    You are great.
    Most of these “Refugees” are trying to abuse European system and they will not stay in your country because of one reason: You do not offer enough welfare.
    This is why they want to go to Germany (eventually Scandinavia or England) and are not interested in anything else. They would , eventually consider staying in Hungary if you offer them more money.
    Germany is in process of annihilating their own country, the same way as Sweden does. In the future, do not be surprised if you will have to accept a wave of refugees from Germany.
    Do not give up, please

  4. ~ cas you obviously don’t have all the information needed to leave a logical comment here…The EU has a rule for entry to request asylum (the Dublin Rule) it states that whichever country you first enter in to the EU you must apply for asylum in that country before moving on to other EU countries, Germany is also in full support of this rule, the second problem that you might not be seeing on whichever news source you watch is that the immigrants themselves are making things difficult by ripping up their papers and also refusing the Hungarian government to fingerprint them or take their pictures to be able to process their requests for asylum. I am sure Hungary would love it if all these people would continue on to Germany but they are trying to adhere to the rules and laws set up by the EU community, they are a small country and are a little overwhelmed by the flood of people entering it to the country…get more facts before you criticize

  5. Dear Hungary Authorities……
    If you don’t want refugees and hate them as your people do so why you taking their fingerprints and not letting the refugees to move ahead to Germany (the country which knows the value of human and humanity).
    Think about it….

  6. Hey Europe, maybe if you would support the U.S. against ISIS and terrorist then the asylum seekers wouldn’t need to flee their homelands. But no, you chose limited engagement and support, now you have a refugee crisis and the only way out will be proper integration or internal conflicts. Congratulations on seeding the events that will lead to your World War III. Dumbasses.

  7. Dear American

    Maybe if you would have just hunted down Obama Bin Laden instead of destabilizing a whole region by entering into a full scale war. We would not have to deal with ISIS now.

    ISIS is your mess so you clean it up! Oh by the way the last time I looked the USA is ranked as the number 1 military power in the world, Hungary is ranked is ranked 59. Why do you need our help???

    You can think about that.

  8. Hungarians! I am proud of you! Police guys are heroes, please resist. Move all those back to their belowed Africa and Syria and do not accept anyone at border without passport. Do not let them in! Move army to the borders and protect them. Please resist!! And send the bill to Merkel if she supports that.

  9. Termites will now destroy Germany. Sweden , UK , Belgium , Spain , Netherlands , Norway destroyed and muslimised 50 %…. Kick these bunch of [email protected] out .

  10. Joseph the asylum seekers come through GREECE then Greece should register them…

    But also this (Dublin Rule) is made by the big countries (GERMANY and FRANCE) beaus the poor countries form the border of the EU so they get the trouble

  11. I know USA long times ago like in Europe and Russia altogether bombing.
    But I know understand why?

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