Budapest (MTI) – The opposition Egyutt party on Saturday called on Prime Minister Viktor Orban to withdraw an appeal against the mandatory European Union migrant quotas submitted to the European Court of Justice.

Orban and his politics make Hungary drift to the east and set the country against its historical allies in the west, party leader Viktor Szigetvari said in an open letter.

As a result of Orban’s actions, Hungary’s position is not taken seriously in many important issues now, he added. Orban’s remarks about secret conspiracies boost Hungarians’ fears and prejudices in a situation when calmness would be most necessary, he said.

He called on Orban to “return to the EU negotiating table where the application of quotas is being discussed, accept the voluntary migrant quota for Hungary and create capacities for accepting 15,000 refugees for permanent stay.”

The ruling Fidesz said in response that the left wing still wants to let migrants into Hungary. If it were up to them, migrants would be flowing uncontrollably into Hungary against the will of the Hungarian people.

“Fidesz rejects migrant quotas because it would spread terrorism and threaten our culture,” the statement said.


  1. “Be careful what you wish for ”

    US. Australia. France. Belgium UK. Iraq. Afghanistan, Syria ? All “home-grown”
    radicals !!!

  2. EGYÜTT = the Hungarian term for “a bunch of stupid idiots”.

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