House of Hungarian Music LigetBudapest

According to, the House of Hungarian Music – being built in the heart of the City Park – will not only be a new concert hall, but it will also serve educational and instructional purposes.

Máton Horn told Recorder that the architectural division of the building would reflect the multifunctional nature of the institution.

“Besides the ground floor representing performing arts, the upper stories will be home to museum and music pedagogy with the first ever popular music library that will also function as a research club, temporary and permanent exhibitions, and a sound dome in the basement.”

House of Hungarian Music LigetBudapest

One of the main curiosities is definitely the sound dome, out if which there are only a few in the world. The one built in the House of Hungarian Music is basically a dome-shaped cupola equipped with almost 200 speakers that create “hologram-like” sound-fields.

“You will feel like you are standing in the middle of a symphonic band.”

The services will include a music pedagogy programme, which will guide the visitors through the house.

“Our other main target group is families, who we believe will be happy to welcome programme and event offers of the new venue. We aim to offer as many music-themed family programmes as possible. Naturally, we will also organise concerts for adults, and we will also have an outdoor terrace with a smaller stage” said Márton Horn, the director of the institution.

House of Hungarian Music LigetBudapest

András Batta, the other director, explained that their goal is to present the multi-coloured world of music, to which children do not have access in school. Hence, they want the educational purpose to be the flagship of the project.

“We want to attract visitors who do not necessarily have a daily connection with music. We want to bring the importance of music closer to the everyday life of a wider audience.”

The directors expect to execute all of the abovementioned plans by 2020.

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