The winner of the Rak-Part design contest has been announced. Within the framework of the competition the Budapest local government was waiting for plans of how the Budapest quays could be transformed, utilized. The decision is made about the section between Kossuth Square and Fovam Square. The Korzo Design Studio got an HUF 8 million prize, so their plans will be implemented in the project, which should begin in 2017, wrote.

 “The project’s aim is to cover the renewed downtown public space network to the Danube bank as well, creating an integral link between the city and the Danube. After the design contest, the winner will be responsible for the construction and the licensing permit of the public spaces and floating structures concerned – after that, the construction is expected to start in 2017, with the involvement of European Union funds” – the description of the application writes.

The application of the Korzo Design Studio perfectly met the criteria, at least according to the PDF containing the proposed changes. You can clearly see on the pictures that the quay would be inserted into the uniform ground stone image of Budapest by creating a ground stone jungle there, too. They would not do much with the traffic, according to the plans, the pedestrian and the car traffic would be brought at the same level.

Tourist piers would be created in order to make room for the mass of people diverted along the Danube. These can be imagined as funny piers paved different than the other ones, which will be much larger than the current piers. Their official name is floating structure, and they will also be used, in addition for mooring the ships, for people sit there. The traffic will be moved on two lanes. There will be all kinds of street furniture, benches, swings and other things, wrote.

The most amazing vision of the plan, in the aspect of traffic, is the one-way Chain Bridge, which would solve a lot of current transportation problems, and would probably cause a bunch of another. According to the plan, the bridge would be one-way from Pest to Buda. The plan says it would be advisable because it would eliminate the tragedy that it is almost impossible to walk by foot in the middle of Budapest. It is derogatory to a modern city center that car traffic displaces passers-by.

There is another interesting proposition in the plan, which is that the metro would be extended, so its final stop would be not on the Vorosmarty Square, but at the Vigado. The applicants could not apply with very shocking ides, for example with the elimination of car traffic etc. About HUF 5-6 billion are intended for the project, which is planned to paid by EU funds.

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