It started as a hobby video, but his first video about the depths of Lake Balaton was seen by more than 120 thousand people on YouTube. Encouraged by the success, the university student continued the Underwater- Lake Balaton project, of which third part has just been finished, said.

A waterproof camera got for his birthday, a photographer stand inherited from the grandfather, a port leader dad and the proximity of Lake Balaton. That was enough that David Szekeres direct his camera under the water instead of sunset panoramas. Therefore David took the stand and took such photos with the underwater camera like he would have taken them while diving.

The newest and also the closing video of the project has just been finished:

Previously, he uploaded such videos twice on Youtube: in spring 2014, he made the first shots, and he was surprised how clean the water is and how rich its flora and fauna is. In the recordings, schools of fish swim in front of the camera. It was the very successful first, which was seen by more than 120 thousand people:

The second video was made about one of the lesser-known attractions of Balatonalmadi, a half-submerged shipwreck, which is in a secluded stretch of beach, and the wildlife around it.

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