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Wolves in Bukk recorded – Video

Wolves in Bukk recorded – Video

Bukk National Park Directorate published an exciting video: in the recordings of the wolf camera, wolves wandering in the woods seen, wrote.

The national park informed in September that wolf pups were born in the protected area – rangers have been watching the wolf cameras set up previously in order to photograph the young animals.

The directorate has now published a selection of recordings made in the fall.

The camera traps were set up in location far from the tourist routes. Nevertheless, hikers often go there as well – however, wolves like to avoid them and the recordings clearly show that, however, they move in the same place as the people, they do not meet with tourists.

According to, animals are instinctively afraid of humans, if that changes, it refers to some kind of disease – but the wolves of Bukk are healthy so far.

Anyway, the national park increasingly warns the hikers not to leave food for the animals, not to leave leftovers and follow the traces of the wolves, because it can lead to accidents.

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