Not only tourists adore the “light tram”, but the Hungarians as well. Budapest Bakering makes this specialty even more superb with its exciting ideas, wrote.

Are you ready for an adventure that delights your eyes, puts delicious flavors into your mouth, so it almost moves all of your senses? Find the fabulous tram of Budapest Bakering, taste a Ring, and buy gifts and souvenirs!

Adam Lendvai has launched Budapest Bakering Street Food Startup a few months ago, which has sold the stuffed bakery products called Ring from its nice carts similar to the vehicles of BKV (Budapest Transport Company).                                              

Now, all that has changed. A new authentic Christmas collection of Budapest has appeared on the new carts with festive lights in Christmas mood.

Try the gingerbread, buy tram-shaped chocolate, funny, patterned scarf, earrings or surprise your family with a Budapest Bakering board game!                              

According to, you can find the current position of the carts on the website of Budapest Bakering, when the carts are in the city. Here, by tapping on the cart, the offering of the carts open, where you can order anything as well as in the downtown. A bicycle courier carries it out free! In addition, they also have a Shopify webshop integrated into Facebook, which you can find on or on

The Rings cost between HUF 300 and 450, depending on the type of filling. There are “Super Rings” as well for HUF 550, which are gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

The Budapest Bakering Scarfs cost HUF 2500, the jewelry HUF 5500, and the board games cost HUF 5500, too. You can find the other products in the webshop.

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Photo: Budapest Bakering Facebook page

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