Budapest,Hungary. Photo: MTI

76 pc of them think that the disease’s spread is going to accelerate. Most of them believe that the government should introduce curfew and more than 50 pc agree that older people should go into obligatory quarantine. 

The Publicus Institute surveyed the Hungarian citizens for Népszava, and they found that all people they asked already heard about the coronavirus epidemic. 76 pc told that they expect that the spread of the disease will accelerate in Hungary so masses will become infected. 63 pc think that they will not catch the virus and, in this regard, the most endangered group, pensioners are the most optimistic with 70 pc.

38 pc of those asked think that the virus came from one of China’s provinces because of a mutation enabling it to infect humans, as well, apart from animals. 29 pc support other theories while

19 pc think that China developed it and let it loose.

Meanwhile, 9 pc think that the USA did so, and 7 pc does not know or does not want to answer. 90 pc of those who believe that there will be a massive epidemic think that the government will introduce curfew. 84 pc expects that all shops except for those selling food will be closed, 73 pc believe that traffic between different cities and settlements will be restricted and 71 pc think that the quarantine will be made obligatory for old people. However, only 66 pc feel that it is needed.

66 pc of those who think that there will be a massive epidemic in Hungary also believe that the restrictions will last 2-3 months in the country. 17 pc of them think that they will end in one month while only ten pc think that they will last for half a year. Interestingly,

most optimistic in this regard are the voters of Jobbik – Movement for a Better Hungary

who think that all will be back to normal after one month.

  1. According to Jobbik’s manifesto, it represents all Hungarians and aims to build a ‘modern national identity’.

    However, it is obvious that over two-thirds of Hungarians not only believe the Wuhan ‘flu will cause a severe epidemic throughout Hungary but also understand (correctly) that this will last for quite a few months.

    I have often pondered as to how Jobbik should be described as a political party.
    Right wing ? Far right wing ? Neo Nazi ?

    Perhaps the best definition is a disjointed group of aspirational SVENGALIS.

  2. We should be Guided and LISTEN to opinions that are being globally contributed in relation to the challenging times we live in, dominated by the novel coronavirus pandemic, to the Science of Medicine and not Focused, Motivated nor Driven by, if it was the case, the bottom line of the Country’s Financial Balance Sheet, which, at this point of time, I have NO reason to suggest is occurring, in Hungary.
    In fact, the Orban led Government is Prioritizing, the Social welfare – quality of life – the health – of the Hungarian population., which ALL the Governments of the World should have as there Prime Focus – CREED.
    We are ALL in this CHALLENGE together.
    We must remain UNITED to ensure there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that we, the people of Hungary, through remaining UNITED, came through this Global awakening, relatively un-scared to that of other country’s/nations of this planet, who fragment pull in opposite directions as appears the positional path the United States of America is choosing in its pathway and its future,

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