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During the promotion campaign amplifying winter tourism, a plastic card replaces the paper-version online voucher – thanks to the development of the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center (BFTK) – for the first time this year. The change makes the daily use more convenient, wrote.

The winter season just started is now the tenth time when Budapest Winter Invitation (BWI) – the largest professional cooperation of Hungary – appears – BTFK drew attention  in its Thursday’s release.

More than 50 hotels and 8 service providers joined the campaign. Their aim is to promote their winter services in Budapest and to increase tourist traffic and to extend the visitors’ time of stay.

If the guest books accommodation under the BWI, he/she gets BWI Budapest Card with the room key by logging in the participating hotels.

The tourist can access to the BWI benefits with a simple online activation, and also can upload BWI Budapest Card with the free services of the extra experience package, wrote.

According to the previous communication of Hungarian Tourism Zrt (MT), last year’s 9th BWI campaign brought about130 thousand guest nights the capital which means almost a 6%-increase over last action’s figure.

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