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No country is crimeless, but these incidents are especially cruel, and it is hard to believe they could happen.

The past year was an extremely hectic one all around the world, and Hungary is no exception. The general situation caused by the virus resulted in a number of crimes that otherwise, very probably, would have not happened, as their main motive was these people’s horrible economic situation. On the other hand, there are those cruelties that cannot be justified by and be blamed on the coronavirus. Especially the following ones as they either happened years ago but the verdict was only decided now, or because it happened for an extremely stupid reason.

Robbers wanted to steal vaccines in Budapest 

Like the first incident of a

41-year-old man who tried to rape his former teacher.

According to the offender, everything started with him getting drunk. The man and his former teacher are neighbours living right next to each other in a small village. The offender, who did not remember anything, as he stated, for being completely wasted, was lurking in the bushes and watching his neighbour. When the old lady went inside her house, he followed her with a small knife and threatened to hurt her if she did not give him some money. The poor pensioner lady gave him everything she had in her wallet – 2,000 forints. The man then left but decided to return a couple of hours later as he was not satisfied with what he had received. The old lady was threatened not to call the police or else she would get hurt, so she was too afraid to do so. He asked for money again but as she did not have any, he said that “she could pay in another way”. Then he started to harass her and tear her clothes off her. Luckily, the story ended relatively well, with the man leaving as the old lady was strong enough to deal with him. The man could not be sentenced quickly as he did not confess; he says he does not remember anything due to being extremely drunk. His case is being taken to court, as he had been sentenced already on several occasions, tények.hu reports. 

A 13-year-old girl was much less lucky.

The innocent child was assaulted by the partner of her mother on numerous occasions

last year, between January and September. According to suspicion, the 31-year-old man forced the girl, who was sleeping in the same bed as him, to have sexual intercourse. Moreover, as it turned out,

the man and his 32-year-old partner have not complied with their parental duties over the past three years in the case of the four underaged children

they were raising together. For this reason, they are being investigated for endangering the well-being of minors. 24.hu writes that the couple was detained on Tuesday morning; the man is being questioned, and the prosecutor has asked for his arrest.

These are both horrible cases, and it seems like cruelty in certain people has very deep roots and can come to the surface at a very young age. Just like it happened with two teenage girls two years ago. According to blikk.hu, the then-17-year-old girls treated their 15-year-old schoolmate brutally.

They made fun of her, shamed her, and even beat her up because of a previous misunderstanding.

To top it off, one of the girls even recorded the attack. When asked, the poor girl suffering the insults said that the most hurtful thing was not even the beating she received but the harsh and cruel words the girls said about her mother who had passed away. The incident happened two years ago when the girls were sentenced to one and a half years in a correctional facility, but as they appealed against the decision, their case is still open. It is especially outrageous as

one of the offender girls had previously assaulted a drunk man lying on the ground,

which incident was recorded by a friend of hers.

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Source: blikk.hu ; tények.hu ;24.hu

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  1. Horrendous as they are, sadly these things happen all over the world not just during the pandemic (if you care to do a research on it).
    There is no doubt the quarantine and the uncertainty regarding one’s existence has contributed to psychological disturbances in the already vulnerable members of the community.

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