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Planning what to wear during your friend’s wedding is not an easy thing to do. One has to challenge the fine line between chic, classy, and sexy. Thus, here are the tips on how to plan for the perfect wedding guest outfit. With this, it will make you stand out just for the right reasons: 

The Key is Context

A glamorous and fashion-forward jumpsuit will be suitable in the city versus a country wedding. For religious or conservative weddings, you must wear modest attire. Thus, let the context or setting guide you with your choice of outfit.

If you are not sure about what to wear, check the venue first. For beach venues, you can wear smart casual or cocktails. Meanwhile, weddings at the ballroom will require a formal outfit.

Think About Modesty

Generally, you must not wear anything that is flesh-baring or too sexy, If you cannot bear to wear it in front of your granny, then don’t wear it in front of other guests.

Avoid Wearing White

White is not the proper attire for the wedding guests unless the bride specifically requested you to do so. The same is true for other shade of white like ivory, off-white, or blush. Wearing white is for the bride only and you are not that girl.

Wear Black

Today, it is fine to wear black at weddings. You can make a fabulous statement out of this color to avoid looking dull. For example, you can add a fascinator, shoes, or accessories.


Pick Nice Shoes and Hat

Conduct simple research on which shoes to wear during the wedding. Will there be a drink reception at the lawn? Is the venue located on the beach? Make your shoes suitable for all types of terrain.

Don’t wear stilettos and tackle on a lawn.

Essentially, wear shoes that will make you comfortable to stand all day and dance using it. If it is not possible, you can bring flats. You can change in flats when you get up on the dance floor.  Also if you love to wear hats, it is important to choose the best ones like kentucky derby hats

Opt for small bags

You can take a small bag or pouch with you for essentials. Examples of this are your phone, lipstick, credit card, and others. Big bags will not work on a wedding. Also, this will look out of place in the photos.

Know the Type of Audience

Indeed, you should dress according to your style. However, you must also take into account the type of person that will be there in the event. Is the event composed of mainly family, fashion friends, or ex? Thus, you should make it fabulous for all types of audiences at the wedding.

Determine if Social Media is Essential for you

If social media is very important to you, you don’t want to appear all over the wedding hashtag using the same outfit. Thus, you can spend some time and research the outfit from new designers.

If you are going abroad before the wedding, you can spend some time to explore local shops in exotic places. Pick that outfit that will amaze your fellow guests. For example, you can choose an outfit with a fascinator that will look elegant during the event.

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