This year’s Bath of the Year award was given to the most special Hungarian baths in 2019, including the most extensive European spa, the biggest cave bath in Central Europe, the most versatile thermal water bath, and several adventure-, thermal- and aquaparks.

10. Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

Miskolctapolca Cave Bath

The 10th place has been occupied by Miskolctapolca Cave Bath which is considered to be a specialty, a uniqueness in Europe, as no other karst water has such high temperature in the continent. Besides two thermal pools, the cave has different halls where guests can get rid of their daily stress, or they have the opportunity to warm themselves up in 6 beach pools and eight saunas.

9. Saliris Resort Spa and Wellness Center

Egerszalók thermal spa

In Egerszalók, Saliris Resort Spa and Wellness Center provides an indescribable natural ambience where thermal bath can be enjoyed at the foot of the salt hill. The spa centre gives place to 24 outdoor and indoor pools, including medicinal water pools, jacuzzis, adventure pools, children’s pools and water slides located next to the exclusive sauna complex.

8. Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa

Northern Hungary’s most popular spa includes 23 pools and six saunas, while the bravest ones can gain summer experiences in the freshly renovated water park.

7. Demjén Thermal Spa & Aquapark

Demjén Thermal Spa

Thermal bath, cave bath, beach and water park are perfectly combined in Demjén Thermal Bath & Spa. Here we can find the largest Central European cave bath, which is connected to 24 meters wide and 25 meters deep slide tower. Five outdoor thermal pools and 11 indoor pools are available in the magical bath.

6. Cserkeszőlő Spa and Health Center

Cserkeszőlő spa

In the heart of Tiszazug, Cserkeszőlő Spa and Health Center offers excellent alternatives for all the generations – relaxing atmosphere can be enjoyed by the elder ones, while several swimming pools and water slides attract younger generations. Besides foot massage and jacuzzis, heat lovers can visit the Sauna Island, including infra-, Finnish saunas and aroma cabin. 

5. Gyula Castle Spa

Gyula Castle Spa

In the vicinity of the historic castle, Gyula Castle Spa offers 5000 m2 water surface for the visiting guests. The area comprises 13 indoor pools, including adventure, spa, swimming and thermal pools, and six outdoor pools with a water park. Recreation is provided by 12 saunas – cryo, Finnish, infra, steam and aroma cabin. In the so-called Aqua Palace, an authentic wellness experience can be enjoyed thanks to several exciting massage systems.

4. Spa- and Wellness Centre Sárvár

Sárvár bath

A Mediterranean atmosphere can be enjoyed thanks to the family aqua park, exclusive sauna world, several water slides, head jumping bay, wave- and adventure pool with a pirate ship and a water castle. The main attraction of the bath is undoubtedly the two types of mineral water. A total of 18 pools and six saunas provide refreshment in the area’s best spa, which also offers numerous hiking opportunities.

3. Zalakaros Bath

Zalakaros Spa

Zalakaros Bath can be visited throughout the whole year. In the indoor pools, different water attractions can be tried, white-water stream as well. On the beach, spa-, thermal-, family-, wave-, children-, sports pools and slides enrich the experience. Out of the total 20 pools, seven are for medicinal purposes, while the relaxing guests can enjoy six saunas.

2. Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló

Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló

Europe’s largest spa Hungarospa reached second place in this year’s ranking.

As reports, the bath comprises a total of 45 pools, 15 slides and eight saunas. Besides 11 medicinal pools, nine adventure pools and 11 children’s pool can be enjoyed by the younger generations. Among its specialities, we can find tropical bath, ice cave, cinema bath, the Ganges, the Roman, the sea and the cave bath. In the Aqua Park, slide lovers can choose among fifteen different tracks. The spa offers 40 medicinal treatments which can be tried under medical supervision.

1. Harkány Thermal Spa

Harkány Spa

Harkány Thermal Spa has been chosen as the best Bath of the Year in 2019;

offering refreshment in 18 pools, seven water slides and three saunas. The family slide park includes such exciting parts as the kamikaze and anaconda slides. In children’s world, waterfalls, pirate ship and treasure caves can be found; besides refreshing and healing treatments, holistic therapies are also available. Here, we can discover the country’s most versatile spa water whose effect is beneficial not only for the skin but in the case of musculoskeletal disorders and gynaecological diseases as well.

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