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There are several top software development jobs on the rise in Hungary. Indeed, software development is one of the most vibrant industries. According to recent studies, software development represents about 6% of the Hungarian economy. With over 80,000 individuals engaged in the IT sector, many different development jobs are on the rise. As someone looking for a job in the software development industry, you need to know which careers are highest in demand. This way, you can secure a long-term career in the industry. Read on to learn about the top software development jobs on the rise in Hungary.

Quality Assurance Engineers

First, many development enterprises in Hungary are hiring quality assurance (QA) engineers. Typically, quality assurance engineers monitor every stage of the software development process to ensure companies are adhering to the required standards. In addition, these professionals work with other developers and inform them about code issues. This is imperative for the team to meet their deadlines. As a QA engineer, you will likely code automated tests, identify bugs within a program, and track the results of these tests. Ultimately, your job is to ensure all bugs are resolved within a timely manner and make sure all updates are function properly. Definitely, quality engineers are a great career option to pursue in Hungary.

DevOps Engineers

Next, DevOps engineers are are another job on the rise in Hungary. Typically, a DevOps engineer introduces tools, processes, and methodologies throughout the SDLC to balance the needs of the team. Notably, DevOps is all about unifying and automating procedures in the pipeline to increase deployment efficiency. Therefore, many DevOps engineers implement automation tools to streamline their build process. For example, you can set up a ci/cd pipeline by installing JFrog Pipelines. Importantly, this tool can automate everything from code to production. Plus, it scales horizontally, offering enterprises a centrally managed solution to support thousands of users. Absolutely, look for DevOps engineering job posts Hungary if you have a background knowledge or interest in using automation tools. 

Front End Developers

In addition, front-end developers are also in high demand in Hungary. Notably, these professionals are responsible for implementing visual elements within web applications. Specifically, front end developers translate UI/UX wireframes to actual code to produce web page elements. Additionally, they also need to optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability. Typically, most developer enterprises look for front end developers with a proficient understanding of HTML5 and server-side CSS pre-processing platforms. They may require an understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks as well. Certainly, front-end developer jobs are growing in demand in Hungary as more companies, individuals, and institutions need web applications.

Backend Web Developers

Moreover, backend developers are another high-demand job in the software development industry Hungary. Typically, these professionals build, code, and improve the server. They are also responsible for maintaining server-side applications and databases. When combined with front-end programs, their work helps create a functional, seamless experience for end-users. Of course, companies are looking for results-driven backend developers who can compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems. Many enterprises are also looking for these professionals to have a background degree in computer programming, computer science, or a related field. If you are interested in improving the user experience and efficiency, a backend web development career may be the perfect fit for you.

iOS Developer

Lastly, many companies in Hungary are also hiring iOS developers for their software development teams. Typically, these professionals focus on building and designing mobile applications for Apple devices. Even after the application launch, these developers are required to maintain code quality by troubleshooting programs for edge usability. In addition, these top-skilled professionals are expected to have knowledge in more than one iOS platform programming language, such as Swift or Objective-C. Many enterprises are also looking for individuals with a strong application portfolio with apps published in the iOS mobile store. With a growing market for Apple devices, there has never been a better time to become an iOS developer.

There are several top software development jobs on the rise in Hungary. First, many enterprises are hiring quality assurance engineers to keep their products performing well. Next, DevOps engineering jobs are also on the rise. In addition, many enterprises are looking for skilled front-end developers to code UI/UX design. Likewise, companies are also looking to hire backend development professionals. Lastly, look for a career as an iOS developer if you have publications in the Apple app store. Look out for these top software development jobs on the rise in Hungary.


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