At the same time, people working in winter tourism in other countries like Italy and Austria could find themselves in a challenging situation.

As PM Viktor Orbán said a few weeks ago, no one should organise ski trips to other countries this year, on the grounds that the coronavirus pandemic is expected to have another peak in the winter months.

Even if this was only a recommendation, his words could have a major impact on those working in winter tourism, writes Promotions. There are many employees, both students and adults, who leave Hungary during the winter season to work at the ski resorts of Austria, Italy, and Slovakia. For them, Orbán’s suggestion could come as a painful blow.

But there is also a bright side to the Prime Minister’s announcement. It could bring a positive change for domestic ski resorts that until now have had a minimal turnover.

Many of these establishments have been in a difficult financial situation, so travel restrictions could actually be life-saving for them.

There are also presumptions that a ski resort in Austria (Ischgl) was one of the hotbeds for the coronavirus pandemic in the region, but as Andrea Wesselényi, founder and chief editor of Hungarian ski site Síelők says, “not all resorts are like that – partying is usually not the reason people visit these places”.

Even though Hungary is in a lucky position for the vicinity of ski resorts in the Alps and the Tatra Mountains, there are many excellent locations for the lovers of winter sports within the country as well, such as Eplény, Bánkút, Kékestető, and Dobogókő.

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