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Travelo reports that two twenty-something men were found dead by the lifeguards near Siófok on Saturday in the afternoon hours. The two young men drowned at Lake Balaton.

According to the Water Rescue Services of Hungary, the two men were cruising around on a paddle boat near the Isztriai sétány. This is when the accident occurred, the circumstances of which are still unclear.

The diving services found the bodies approximately 250 meters away from the shore, where the water is 2 metres deep.

Last time an 18-year-old boy drowned at Lake Balaton, who fell off a paddle boat as well, into deep water. No one could swim on the boat (including the young boy), so when he started sinking, none of them could help him.

It is shocking that the majority of those people who drown cannot swim, yet they still have the courage to go on a boat or paddle boat ride. Sándor Bagyó, the president of the Water Rescue Services of Hungary, made harsh comments on this matter recently. He believes that the lifeguards are not ‘aggressive’ enough when it comes to warning people and he feels powerless against this indifference. Bagyó took his concerns to Facebook, where he stated that more attention should be given to the antecedents and the circumstances of how a person who cannot swim, decides to jump into the water. He said that everyone – all the way from kindergarten children to adults – should be involved in this, asking people to write down their opinions and their remarks.

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Source: travelo.hu

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