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Gyergyóditró is a 98 pc Hungarian village in Central Romania (Szeklerland), but there are not enough bakers, so the owner of the local bakery hired two experts from Srí Lanka to avoid the closure of his business. After they arrived in the village, all hell broke loose.

First, it should be known that many Hungarians living in Transylvania (and mostly in the countryside) follow the news by watching the channels of Hungarian Television. Step two is that the Hungarian government has been fighting against migration (and George Soros, who they suspect as the main organiser of the mass migration to Western Europe) since 2015, even though no migrants would like to live in Hungary. Therefore, since

the Hungarian state media always talks about the dangers of welcoming migrants,

and many Hungarians living in Gyergyóditró follow the Hungarian news instead of the Romanian outlets, they were shocked when two bakers from Srí Lanka arrived in their village.

Gyergyóditró migrant baker
The beautiful Roman-Catholic church in Gyergyóditró. Source:

According to, the owner of the local bakery said that he could not find suitable workforce to join his chain where 90 people work because labour shortage is unbearable in Romania, just like in Hungary. To avoid the closure of his shop, he hired two bakers from Srí Lanka, but when locals learned about this, they formed a Facebook group (consisting of 2,500 members today), and they named it “Migrant-free Ditró”.

There, some wrote that

the two Srí Lankans should be expelled or even beaten.

Many wrote that this was just the beginning of the migrant masses coming into the village. Furthermore, they are men, they have “needs”, so locals should resist in time. They also criticised the Hungarian bakery owner for not finding local workforce. Others suggested that a local referendum should be held, during which they can agree that no foreigners can move to the village. Interestingly, the two Srí Lankans are Roman-Catholics, just like the beautiful church in the centre of the village.

Gyergyóditró migrant baker

Of course, there are moderate voices in the Facebook group, too, saying that there are many Hungarians born in Romania who are currently working abroad in countries that welcome them, so they should not reject foreigners. Furthermore, based on what their colleagues said,

the two Srí Lankans are calm and hard-working.

Those who wanted a referendum stormed into the session of the local council, but the mayor of the village said that he does not support a referendum and feels unhappy because some locals instigate others. Elemér Puskás added sarcastically that locals should take part in other public affairs with similar enthusiasm, like creating, for example, a garbage-free village, Index said.

Gyergyóditró migrant baker

Sándor Bende, the representative of the village in the Romanian parliament, said that labour shortage is a huge problem in the region, and he would be very happy if those who work abroad would return home, but companies cannot give as high salaries as they get in Western Europe.

The owner of the bakery said that the two Srí Lankan workers already moved to another village nearby, but they still work in his shop.


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