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A WWII grenade was detonated on Saturday in an apartment of a 10-story building in Vác, Hungary. The blast broke windows and ripped down a wall. Although there was no fire, the building was temporarily evacuated.

The police have since reported what had happened precisely, wrote Index.

The blast originated from a third-floor apartment’s kitchen, where two men tried to heat up a grenade, they thought was disarmed, on a gas stove. The two men suffered minor injuries from the detonation.

During the inspection of the apartment, police found many weapons thought to be disarmed. These are to be investigated with the help of demolition and weapon experts.

The two men are being investigated for the abuse of explosives.


On March 9th the Counter Terrorist Unit arrested the man, who the grenade was purchased from, in his home in Kóka. His home is also being investigated.

Hungary WWII bomb explode
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firearms bombs wwii weapons kóka police
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