Photo: reports that the new bottles will be available for a limited time, to honour of the 50th anniversary of the last professional football match Ferenc Puskás played, as exactly 50 years ago he was seen on the field with Real Madrid, for the last time.

The Zwack family has always been really enthusiastic about football, moreover, Péter Zwack had actually played against Puskás at a match after World War II, after which they became good friends. No surprise then that the family would like to make the anniversary special, while linking it with the current successes in sports.

Thus, they decided to release a set of specially and beautifully designed bottles honouring Puskás, which truly fits the name of the product as he was an “unikum” too: a unique player. The Unicum bottles wearing the special design, remembering the amazing player, Ferenc Puskás will only be sold for a limited time.

A whole bunch of former and current footballers attended the unveiling at the Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitors’ Centre, including Dániel Böde, Lajos Détári, Márton Eszterházy, Lajos Faragó, József Gelei, Roland Juhász, Benő Káposzta, Kálmán Kovács, Kálmán Mészöly and Gyula Rákosi. But the legendary 94 years old sports reporter, György Szepesi and CEO of Ferencváros, Pál Orosz also visited the event.

According to szeretlekmagyarorszag, Sándor Zwack opened the conversation at the event by telling the audience how, every time he goes abroad and it turns out that he is Hungarian, the very first reaction of people is saying “Puszkász, Puszkász”. He said, the legendary footballer put Hungary onto the world’s football map, for everyone knows who he was even though they are unsure about the location of Hungary.

The others carried on the storytelling about Puskás, thus, Mészöly told the attendants how important Hungarian football was for Puskás even after he left the country: he was there at the World Championships in 1962 and also met the team to encourage the players before the 1966 match against the Brazilians. That match became rather well-known, as the Hungarians won 3-1 and The Beatles did also congratulate them. Márton Esterházy also expressed how happy he was to have known Puskás. He had also played in three teams of which Puskás was also a member or coach of.

Representatives of the current national team, Böde and Juhász emphasised that young footballers still get motivated by Puskás. Juhász added that it feels amazing that they could contribute to Hungarian football by making it to the European Championships, and he hopes that, one day, not only foreign players but also Hungarian footballers may become role models of young fans.

Aside the new design for the bottles, Zwack celebrates the anniversary by opening a mini Puskás exhibition in their Centre, which will be available to visit for 2 months. One of the main elements of the exhibition is a jersey – among a ball, shoes and trophies – which was worn by Puskás at several matches of Real Madrid but had never been shown in Hungary before. Therefore, visiting the exhibition is definitely a wonderful opportunity if one is interested in football or just likes the legends around Ferenc Puskás.


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