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The new 100E airport bus service launched last summer in the Hungarian capital running along the Deák Square-Kálvin Square-Liszt Ferenc Airport II route has become so popular by now, that it faces constant overcrowdedness. Although it might seem endurable for some passengers to stand during the total length of the journey, when the number of people squeezed onto the buses endangers one’s health, then the situation needs to be treated as a matter of great concern, report and

Given that in Budapest the metro network does not reach the airport, the idea of launching an airport bus service was welcomed from the very beginning. In fact, the continually increasing demand for it also shows how profitable it has become in a year. If we take into consideration that the bus reaches the airport within 30-45 minutes, then the price of its ticket, 900 Ft (3 euros), does not seem to be much, which also justifies why more and more passengers want to use the service.

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However, a few days ago, the Internet exploded when Dávid Vitézy, former CEO of the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK), shared the following on Facebook:

“The way the BKK operates the 100E bus service is totally unworthy of a European capital. It is not surprising that the number of tourists arriving to Budapest is exploding. However, to other European airports that produce similar air traffic, direct buses run in every 5 minutes. Why nothing gets done about this problem? We can put the blame on the taxi and minibus lobbies, but I also know that the BKK could use more means. Let’s increase the number of vehicles running to the airport, and if eventually, the airport does not let in the buses at the gates, then it becomes clear for everyone who the responsible party is. However, with a good chance, this would not take place, and in the end, taxi and bus drivers also have to come to terms with the fact that people want to use public transportation which is good news.”

To show the severity of the problem, on Saturday, a passenger travelling on an overcrowded 100E airport bus got sick. refers to the report of the Közlekedő Tömeg civil association based on which more than 100 people, many of them with some baggage, were on the bus when the incident happened. By the time the vehicle arrived at the airport after 35 minutes, a passenger had fallen sick, but he insisted on not calling the ambulance in order to reach his flight.

The association has already called attention to the untenability of this bus service in Budapest because they believe that

“it regularly occurs that people cannot get on the overcrowded airport buses. While the airport bus service is very profitable, the number of people is augmenting and the oncoming summer season also means increasing air traffic. There is nothing to wait for; there should be more airport buses.”

As the association thinks, the transport service should operate at least in every 10 minutes to solve the problem caused by the growing demand.

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  1. Access to airport, a Major European capital needs proper links to its airport. I understand that income from tourism is essential which helps to pay for infrastructure. I suggest that rather dithering about the government makes as a matter of priority completing the two missing links
    to the airport that of the underground and that of the missing M motorway links now and not manana.
    A tourist likes happy memories not of sweaty tourist buses and delays due to overcrowding.

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