Washington, DC, October 24 (MTI) – US Vice President Joe Biden praised Hungary’s anti-Soviet revolution of 1956 and Hungarian democracy in a letter sent to the Hungarian embassy in Washington, DC on Sunday.

Biden noted that sixty years ago — although they barely had any weapons — Hungarians took to the streets with courage and determination to rise up against oppression and fight for their rights.

Although the revolution was crushed by Soviet tanks, the world took note of the courage displayed by Hungarians, Biden wrote. The uprising captivated an entire generation, not just in Hungary but all throughout central and eastern Europe, he added.

The story of 1956 later helped inspire others who wanted to rise up against oppression and eventually led to the restoration of peace and freedom in Hungary and Europe, the vice president wrote.

He noted that Hungary had played a key role in opening up the borders of eastern Europe in 1989 and helping East German refugees escape to Austria. Hungary’s actions helped bring an end to Soviet rule in the region, he added.

Over the past decades, Hungary and the US have been working hard to support democracy and ensure the guarantee of human rights and the rule of law, Biden said. Hungary’s history has also helped inspire other countries in their fights against oppression and autocracy, the vice president added.

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Source: MTI

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