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V4 envoys highlight importance of cooperation

V4 envoys highlight importance of cooperation

Budapest (MTI) – The Visegrad Four is an effective and useful tool for strengthening and coordinating its members’ national standpoints in forums such as the EU and NATO, V4 diplomats agreed at a conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

   Roman Kowalski, Poland’s ambassador, said cooperation between the four members (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) should be given new impetus since each country can achieve more as a group. Its members were driven by the same objective of Euro-Atlantic integration, he said. Sustaining the V4 into the future is important for reaching new common goals, he added

Rastislav Kacer, the Slovak ambassador, spoke of the success of Visegrad cooperation, noting regions such as the western Balkans and countries in Asia seeking ties with the grouping. Contrary to what naysayers may think, the group has been effective and has remained a force to be reckoned with, he said.

Tibor Kecskes, the V4 coordinator of the Hungarian foreign ministry’s central European department, said that the group’s “rich history” started 24 years ago when its member states began cooperation unseen before in their history. There is great need for the group, he said, expressing optimism concerning its future.


Juraj Chmiel, the Czech ambassador, noted the Czech Republic will take over the V4 presidency in the summer and focus on strengthening cooperation in defence and energy matters, in neighbourhood policy and advocating the principle of solidarity within the EU.

based on the article of MTI


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