made a size-up about the most valuable Hungarian enterprises in all counties. It turned out that the country is hydrocephalic.

The October issue of Forbes features the top 100, in other words the 100 most valuable enterprises that are completely in Hungarian hands. The website sized up these companies with the help of Concorde MB Partners. They went through the indices of 350 companies in two months.

You can find the full list and a two-page infographic in the printed version of Forbes.

Regarding counties, eighteen of them – plus Budapest – are home to at least one company from the top 100.

However, the hydrocephalus of the country is obvious: almost half of the total value of the top companies are registered in the central region of the country.

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45% of the companies were formed during the first parliamentary cycle, even though part of them already existed before the change of regime. This means that almost half of the most valuable companies in 2017 are minimum 25 years old. The greatest enterprises were founded at the time of the change of regime, but many of them realised that if they didn’t open to foreign markets, they couldn’t keep up with the required competitiveness and growth.

The ultimate winner is Videoton, registered in Fejér County, with a value of 212 billion forints (~EUR 680m). The silver medallist is MPF Holding from Budapest with 112 billion forints (~EUR 359m), followed by Nitrogénművek from Veszprém County with 73 billion forints (~EUR 234m).


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