Budapest, May 17 (MTI) – Just under 90 percent of Hungarians who plan to cast a vote in the forthcoming referendum on the European Union’s migrant quota scheme would reject it, the Századvég Foundation found in a recent survey.

The poll published on Tuesday also found that 72 percent of the electorate would express their opinion in the popular vote. It added in a statement that 97 percent had heard of the referendum initiative.

Fully 54 percent expressed a definite intention to participate while 18 percent said it was likely they would do so.

The telephone poll was conducted with a sample of over 1,000 voting-age adults last week.


  1. Hungary should be proud to make a stand against the EU’s stance of forced quotas of migrants into EU member States. I wish you well in your November Referendum

  2. Please continue to resist the EU’s stance on forced migrant quotas. I believe Hungary should be able to protect their national identity as should other European countries.

  3. Considering only six of the 28 EU nations have said they would take in refugees I think Hungary could easily take over the EU if those 22 nations stick together.

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