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Each year, billions of smartphones are sold around the world. The market is a competitive one, but the offerings from Samsung and Apple are undoubtedly the most popular. Each year new iterations are released and despite some slowdown in sales for Apple, the market is a healthy one.

People spend thousands of dollars on these smartphones, so they want to protect them from accidental damage. This desire to protect smartphones has created a thriving market for iPhone and Samsung phone cases.

This market is an off-shoot of the smartphone market, and it has grown immensely in recent years. There are countless providers on the market offering a diverse range of products in terms of quality, price, and functionality.

Velvet Caviar is one such company, and it is aiming to truly revolutionize the market with innovative and high-quality products. Its recent rapid growth demonstrates that the company and its team of leading designers are succeeding.

What is it that makes the Velvet Caviar offering so unique? Here’s a closer look at why this is one company to watch when it comes to smartphone cases.

Form and Function

Until now, there were two types of smartphone case on the market: ugly and unwieldy options that put protection above aesthetics, and beautiful smartphone cases that didn’t offer the necessary protection.

Velvet Caviar is here to change this by offering a smartphone case that brings together form and function.

Customers can browse through thousands of stunning designs and rest assured that each case is just as strong as the next. Using only the highest-quality materials, cases from Velvet Caviar can protect a customer’s smartphone as they use it each and every day.

Beautiful Designs

The designs on Velvet Caviar cases are truly beautiful and they are proving to be wildly popular. The company works with top designers in order to get the very best designs in a range of categories.

Customers can shop for clear cases, furry cases, floral cases, marble phone cases and many more. Each of these designs is just as stunning as the next, and form is also taken into consideration. If the owner prefers a wallet case those are available, as well as furry cases which help owners to standout from the crowd.

A big reason behind the success of Velvet Caviar is the range of devices that are supported.

All of the most popular devices are accounted for, including all of the key iPhone and Galaxy models. Given that these are the most popular types of device on the market, it’s little wonder that customers appreciate the offering from Velvet Caviar.

Popularity on Social Media

Another reason that Velvet Caviar is gathering speed is its prominence and popularity on social media. Given that the designs and case options available on the market help people to express themselves, many people enjoy sharing photos of the cases on social media.

Of course, smartphones also play a prominent role in the lives of many people. We pick them up hundreds of times a day, so people want to feel happy with the look of their device. Other people also recognize the prominent designs and become interested in the supplier.

A Bright Future

As smartphones continue to become more and more popular, the demand for quality phone cases will only increase in tandem. The number of providers of smartphone cases is staggering, but the few quality providers will rise to the top and offer smartphone users a product that brings together form and function.

The offering from Velvet Caviar could well be a strong contender to become the dominant force.

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