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The Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA) revealed that the Hungarian government plans to boost Budapest’s tourism. From the 15th of May until July, they launch an international advertisement campaign. As part of that, millions of people will be able to watch a short video about Budapest, as reports.


The aim of the campaign

The international press and media will be advertising by this Hungarian video to boost up Budapest‘s tourism. Only CNN, for instance, will broadcast the video 800 times. The campaign aims to highlight the most wonderful locations and attractions of Budapest, as well as to emphasise the entertainment and leisure opportunities in the Hungarian capital. A further goal is to make Budapest a prestigious European country capital, similar to Paris or London so that tourists want to visit it when travelling to Europe.

This amazing video summarises every important aspect of Budapest in a single minute. reports that Budapest represents the “Spice of Europe” concept in the video, which means that this city has everything to offer including gastronomy, fashion, festivals, historical and cultural heritage, natural beauties, and anything a visitor could desire. Do you wish to come to Budapest? also revealed the details about the statistics and the financial background of the campaign:

“65 percent of the campaign’s advertising budget will be spent on the online publication, 25 on television publication and the remainder on printed adverts. 20 percent of the campaign’s media budget will be spent on the communications space of various airlines, with adverts appearing on board Iberia, Ryanair, British Airways, Lufthansa, WizzAir, American Airlines and United Airlines flights.

The campaign’s creative design and production, which includes, amongst others, photography, filming, international royalties and website development, costs 235 million forints gross (EUR 745,000), and 1.3 billion forints gross (EUR 4.12 million) will be spent on international media purchasing during the first phase.”


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