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The American website World Chacha, specialised in the compilation of travel top lists, has chosen Budapest as the second most beautiful city in the world, ahead of Rome, Florence or even Paris, reports

The praise that Budapest receives worldwide seems never to end. In November, the Gellért Bath was declared to be one of the most enchanting Art Deco baths in the world by BBC. Furthermore, Metro Line 4’s Szent Gellért Square station was chosen among the most beautiful metro stations in the world, and the Chain Bridge received high appraisal too. Meanwhile, the Buda Castle has made it to National Geographic’s top 10 castles in Europe. Just to name a few from 2017.

World Chacha recommends Budapest for its unique artistically tasteful architecture and for the matchless gastronomy scene. What should you visit in Budapest in the American site’s opinion? Well, the Four Seasons Gresham Palace and the Postal Savings Bank, apart from the most popular places like the Parliament or Andrássy street.

Thermal baths with healing powers and classy décor are also given a shout-out, along with the ruin bars, which cannot be left out from the context.

World Chacha mentions the view that the higher points of the city provide, making sure to draw attention to the fact that you can see almost to the end of Budapest, as the buildings are not allowed to be taller than 96 metres. The commentary ends with the most heart-warming sentence a tourist can come across:

“the best thing about this city is that most of its sights are accessed free of charge”

The top 10 most beautiful cities in the world:

  1. Venice
  2. Budapest
  3. Rome
  4. Florence
  5. Kyoto
  6. Rio De Janeiro
  7. Paris
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Prague

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  1. Maravilhosa Budapeste,amei fiquei duas semanas,e todos os dias é uma emoção diferente, linda linda.

  2. So agree, beautiful Budapest…………………We know that even here in Australia.

  3. Only someone who has never seen any other cities can claim that Budapest is most beautiful. It’s dirty. Go to Tallinn, Ljubljana or Innsbruck and let’s talk then. From the list Edinburgh and Prague are my favourites.

  4. Isa, complain to World Chacha, it is their poll. I don’t see Tallinn or Ljubljana on their list so I guess they didn’t make the grade.

  5. Dirty? Wow… You haven’t been to Budapest in quite a while I guess… Greetings from Slovenia.

  6. And Venice made number 1? I bet you can’t stay in that city for more than a day cause of the sewage stench, unless your ‘Isa’. Isa will probably go swimming there. Been to Talinn as well, a part from the cruise ships showing up and getting the seagulls going and shitting all over the place. You can buy a nice fur mink hat there. Just don’t put it on till you get home, cause the seagulls will shit all over it.

  7. @ISA: Envious much? The cities you mentioned has a looong way of development to be able to compare it to the likes of Budapest, Paris or Rome… 😉 And it’s not about being clean or dirty. Architecture for example, size, culture,etc. You can’t run Tallinn, Ljubljana against Budapest when considering those..

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