Katinka interrupted her training camp in the United States so that she can shoot with CNN. The location was the spectacular Molnár János Cave in Budapest, which is a nature reserve. Nlcafe.hu revealed the details.

About Katinka Hosszú

Katinka Hosszú is a worldwide known Hungarian swimmer, who has won many prestigious awards and titles such as the best European athlete, European sportswoman of 2017, and Best Female Swimmer in Europe. Furthermore, she is a three-time Olympic, five-time World, and thirteen-time European champion, who also broke the world record at the short track swimming World Championship in 2016. After a brief intermission when she did not take part in any competitions, she has plans for the future again. These include the EU Championship and the Olympic Games in 2020, of course.

Private life

There was a period when Katinka’s marriage with Shane Tusup was on the rocks. Even though they filed for divorce, they suspended the trial and announced to continue training together. After their reconciliation, Katinka moved back to the United States and started preparing for the upcoming competitions. However, she came back to Hungary to shoot with CNN – surprisingly without Shane Tusup. Katinka swam a couple of lengths for CNN and shared a photo about the shooting that she found great. It was Katinka’s birthday this is why her club, the Iron Aquatics, greeted her with a cake.

Molnár János Cave

Molnár János Cave is a strictly preserved cave in the Buda Hills, at the foot of Szemlő Mountain in the second district of Budapest. It is the biggest underwater tunnel system in Hungary. Additionally, it is the only cave with running thermal water out of the five caves of Rózsadomb, a prestigious district in the Buda Hills. Today, Saint Lukács Bath uses its 20-23 Celsius warm thermal water. The cave is 6000 metres long, 100 metres deep, and 30 metres tall.

Molnár János Cave Budapest
Photo: www.facebook.com/molnarjanoscave/

It was not the first time that CNN was interested in Hungary. Read more on this topic here.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/katinkahosszu

Source: nlcafe.hu

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