sziget festival 2019

Similarly to previous years, Sziget Festival did not disappoint. With over 500,000 visitors, the flagship of Love Revolution remains one of the leading festivals in Central Europe. We collected some images that demonstrate the characteristic atmosphere of the Óbuda Island’s annual village cavalcade.


The event always attracts visitors from all over the world, hence the diversity is guaranteed. This year visitors came from some 100 countries, with most foreigners arriving from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy.

sziget 2019
Photo: MTI

Love Revolution

Sziget aims to use its power of community and togetherness, guided by love, to support causes that could help the planet become a better place. With this kept in mind, there was a special appearance and speech each day on the main stage delivered by iconic figures such as Dr Jane Goodall, Al Gore etc. The powerful thoughts brought a whole new colour into the palette of the festival.

GOODALL, Jane Sziget Festival
Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI


One must refill once or twice a day in order to keep the energy level needed to dance through the festival and endure the crowd. Luckily, the food and drink scene is similarly diverse and versatile, offering delicious creations from all types of cuisines. Check out how Szitizens reacted to traditional Hungarian gastronomic wonders.


Music above all

The organisers managed to put together a schedule which satisfies most needs, the music selection couldn’t really be wider. Among the headliners at this year’s festival were Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, The National, Post Malone, Florence + The Machine, Twenty One Pilots and Foo Fighters.

Sziget from above


Those looking for entertainment beyond the concerts can easily pick and choose between the circus shows, dance performances and different workshops. Similarly to visitors, the artists come from all over the world, bringing a taste of their cultural heritage.

sziget festival hungary
Photo: MTI/Balogh Zoltán


Needless to say, a festival like Sziget needs to be organised as if Queen Elizabeth could arrive any minute. The Óbuda Island turns into a functioning village or small town for the time of the festival and you have the impression that the mayor could actually welcome the queen.

sziget festival goers


All of the abovementioned create a unique energy combo that keeps you going for seven days.

sziget festival 2019

Civil corner

Sziget Festival continued to pay special attention to sustainability and the environment, and giving voice to civil initiations targeting either one, or further social issues.

sziget festival 2019

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