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CNN: 11 things to know before going to Hungary

CNN: 11 things to know before going to Hungary

We are pleased to report that our beautiful country has been featured in yet another article by an illustrious foreign medium. CNN Travel, which already introduced two amazing videos about Hungary (HERE and HERE), put together a list of 11 useful facts to know before coming to Hungary.

The article starts by stating some basic info, such as the size and population of Hungary. While the random compilation of facts obviously took us by surprise (e.g. the horses are still revered here, Ferenc Liszt is enormously popular) but, in the end, it seems like an accurate collection for the most part 🙂

Listed below are the 11 points in brief. If you are interested in further details and venue recommendations, click here to read the original article.

  1. Central Europe’s largest lake: It is so big that it is frequently referred to as the “Hungarian Sea”. The neighbourhood is a popular holiday destination – the southern shore is known for its club-life, while families desiring peace prefer the northern side.
  2. Don’t forget your swimsuit: Being the queen of natural springs and thermal water, it would be a pity to miss out on the Hungarian water culture.
  3. Smart Hungarians: Hungarians are bright. They did not only invent many things, but they also have one of the highest rates of Nobel laureates.
  4. Liszt culture: The writer of the article concludes that composer Ferenc Liszt is still admired in Hungary. Several places, like the airport, the music academy and squares were named after him.
  5. The “little gate” is a way of life: Well, this is not something you read in every touristic article. According to the writer, Hungarians are experts at finding “little gates”, alternative, more beneficial ways of doing things. They also have an opinion on everything.
  6. Goulash is soup: The article resolves doubts that might emerge when tasting goulash in Western restaurants, which serve it in the form of a stew. It is definitely soup and a must try dish when in Hungary.
  7. Paprika addiction: This Hungarian spice cannot be missing from kitchens and traditional meals – especially goulash.
  8. No clinking of beer glasses?: The article recalls the legend of Austrian generals clinking their beer mugs after executing the Hungarian generals of the 1848-49 war of independence. However, we are sad to say that according to recent findings, this is merely a legend.
  9. Tokaji, the wine of kings: The world-famous Tokaj wine region cannot be missing from the list. It is believed that Louis XIV of France called it the “Wine of Kings, the King of Wine”.
  10. Sports madness: Hungarians are really proud to have won almost 500 Olympic medals throughout history. Hungarian athletes continue to perform well, while fans gather in bars to cheer for them as no other nation does.
  11. Equestrian traditions: Hungarians and the love of horses go hand in hand since the settlers rode into the Carpathian Basin on horseback. Visiting a horse show or a barn is recommended.

Featured image: Bódis Krisztián / Budapest Images/




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