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Source: Image still from PoliceHungary’s video

In Hungary, the crime rate since the pandemic outbreak has seemingly increased, and people have also been more aggressive on the roads. In one of the most recent criminal cases of the Hungarian police, you can witness vigilantism through a CCTV recording.

Hvg reported that one of the most recent police cases has happened because a woman sold her car. The deal has been struck, but the woman was not satisfied because she did not receive the total amount of money she had originally paid for the Mercedes.

She then decided that she wanted more money and had some of her male acquaintances to help her get more money for what seems to be an A-series Mercedes. In the video, you can clearly see that the two men had approached the car when the traffic was stuck at a red light in district IX. In Budapest, at the Üllői street and Kálvin square intersection.

The two men tried to signal for the driver and passenger of the car to get out, but they refused to do so. Then suddenly, when the previous owner started running towards the Mercedes, she has decided to take the car back. The two men snapped and started to act very aggressively.

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Unfortunately for the passenger, the car window was down, and the perpetrator in the black T-shirt was able to reach into the car and open the door with the handle. The two male perpetrators then forcefully pulled the passenger out of the car and threw something at the victim, which might have been his phone.

Meanwhile, the woman and the driver also quarrelled, and the woman was able to get the driver out of the car. The driver suddenly wanted to get back in the car, but eventually, the other male perpetrator pushed the driver out of the vehicle. The victims fled the scene, and the perpetrators have managed to drive away.

However, Police.hu have reported that the investigators of the Budapest Police Headquarters have managed to arrest the perpetrators in the early hours of the next day in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county. They have been interrogated for vigilantism.

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Source: Hvg.hu, Police.hu

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