István Jankovics, a renowned Hungarian virologist was invited to Atv’s programme to answer a few questions relating to immunity, the need of a third dose and the possibility of a Hungarian vaccine.

The virologist answered the question of the anchorman, András Sváby in Atv’s Heti Napló (Weekly Journal) about the possibility of a third dose of vaccine. Recently, information circulated on the internet that many people do not get enough of a reaction from certain vaccines and the number of antibodies in their systems are not high enough.

Jankovics makes it clear that the lack of the number of antibodies does not mean the lack of immunity.

He explained that the human immune system has three kinds of protection: congenital, natural immune response and cellular immune response. The professional also added that while the Sinopharm vaccine’s main aim is not to trigger a cellular immune response, in some cases, it can do so.

The virologist explained that buying a rapid test in your local pharmacy that uses a single drop of blood does not make much sense and it could lead to false deductions. There is no problem in being curious, it just has to be done in a professional environment and it could even help the vaccination program examine the effects large-scale.

It is an important data if someone has a low number of antibodies in their system after vaccination, but it has to come from reliable sources and laboratories.

Jankovics also noted that when the tick vaccination started rolling out, professionals believed that one dose was enough. Now they use three doses every five years.

The following topic was the dreaded fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, Jankovics cannot serve with particularly good news, as he firmly believes that there is no escaping the fourth wave, but he thinks that its devastating effects can be greatly mitigated thanks to the vaccines.

He added that it may be likely that from now on, the coronavirus may become a seasonal disease, such as the flu.

As a closing note, the interview also mentioned the possibility of a Hungarian vaccine.

According to the virologist, the Hungarian vaccine could potentially be rolling out as early as the beginning of the next year.

In some sense the Hungarian vaccine will be similar to the Chinese vaccine, but it will also be quite different.

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