Vocational training has been added to a Hungarian-Chinese framework agreement on educational cooperation, the innovation and technology minister said on Monday.

László Palkovics said the 2019-2022 framework agreement signed with Vice Minister of Education Zheng Fuzhi includes 230 scholarships, involving MsC, BsC and PhD positions, as well as short-term research positions.

The first vocational training cooperation project will be implemented with the involvement of a Chinese partner in Békéscsaba, in southeast Hungary, he added.

The Chinese development strategy dubbed Belt and Road Initiative, contrary to the Silk Road network of ancient times, goes beyond the transport of goods and services, and involves cooperation in education and science, he said. In order to bridge the physical distance between the two countries, several Chinese universities have started offering off-site courses in Hungary, such as Fudan University from Shanghai offering its courses at Corvinus University in Budapest since last year, he added. Additionally, the Hungarian government would like the first Chinese university in Europe to be set up in Hungary, he said.

Palkovics also held talks about the planned Budapest-Belgrade railway line development project.

The Hungarian consortium which includes two Chinese and one Hungarian company agreed that the two sides would take an equal share in the rail construction project, he said. Palkovics held talks with heads of the China Railway Signal And Communications company in order to learn about the security and other equipment already installed along the Serbian stretch of the line. The Hungarian consortium, however, will still have to decide whether this company should participate in building the Hungarian stretch of the line, he said.

Palkovics also met the head of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and discussed a potential project the bank could finance in line with talks held in Budapest in October.

The bank funds projects that involve ties with Asia, he added.

Palkovics also participated in a consultation meeting with the deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NDRC), discussing the preparation of the financing contract of the Budapest-Belgrade rail line. The contract is planned to be signed by the end of this year and the project will start next January, he added.

Source: mti

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