1993 was the starting year of VOLT festival, attracting 800 visitors, which amount easily fitted in its original place, Sopron Sports Center. Then in 2001, it outgrew its location and moved to Lövér Camping. Now, the time has come for another change; however, this time, the festival does not move very far.

Eclectic lineup

According to Zoltán Fülöp, co-founder of VOLT, this year’s festival program is represented by all music genres from metal to jazz.

On day 0, performances of Kiscsillag, Márk Járai, ‘Lóci játszik’ and György Korda can be enjoyed, followed by the 1st day’s American gangs and metals, including Papa Roach, Cypress Hill and Slipknot on the main stage. The second day will be devoted to rock and retro music due to the 30th birthday of the band ‘Tankcsapda’ who will be followed by Slash. Within the framework of the unmissable Total Dance VOLT, the list of performers extends from 2 Unlimited to Hip Hop Boys until midnight. The third day will be characterised by pop music, including Black Eyed Peas and Robin Schulz; and finally, on Saturday’s final day, the 15th birthday of ‘Halott Pénz’ will be celebrated, followed by Parov Stellar. However, all the other stages will offer interesting performances, 200 productions in total.

From Chatbot to Garden Cinema

During the festival, chatbot of Telekom Magenta Vibe will invite the lucky ones for an exclusive, private surprise as secret container-parties will be organised several times a day, about which details will be revealed through the application.

VOLT festival Sopron

As turizmusonline.hu describes, anyone who missed this can enjoy 2-2 movies in the evening in the romantic atmosphere of VOLT Garden Cinema. As a commemoration of the Pan-European Picnic’s 30th anniversary, real time travel can be made at the festival, among photos, Trabants and music rhythms from the ’80s. Additionally, visitors can enjoy such performances as VOLT Corner, Invisible exhibition, sports programs and animation programs. And, of course, the big wheel cannot be left out of the design elements.

Within the framework of the Stars’ City project, several stars received stars at different parts of Sopron including Depeche Mode; or Slipknot and ‘Halott Pénz’, that will be realised during the festival period.

Csillagok Városa Sopron VOLT fesztivál

It is important to mention that visitors can explore the beautiful city of Sopron and its surroundings, including the Esterházy Castle and Széchenyi Castle of Nagycenk which will be visualised on photo walls as well. As Anna Németh, Deputy Director of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, pointed out, festivals are great tools to address new markets and raise awareness of the different parts of Hungary.









Source: turizmusonline.hu

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