In N1 TV’s Vona7 programme, Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona responded to the media cover-up of the recent atrocities in Western Europe. The leader of the strongest opposition party wondered if it was the result of a “central decision” to keep silent about the sexual assaults committed by migrants in Western European cities or that of “self-censorship” exercised by the authorities. “Either way it’s tragic,” said the president of the national party.

Talking about the recent terrorist acts and the findings of the latest security policy reports, he mentioned that the Istanbul attack may have been specifically targeting a German tourist group. If it is so, then the act has a threatening message. The opposition leader expressed his view that Western countries see social tensions escalating while the East is marred by “terrorism, chaos and wars.”

Discussing the issue of farmland sales, Vona stated that Hungary has a sore need for a wide middle class, which Fidesz busily advocates in words but when it comes to action, land auctions help build “a counterselected, loyal clientèle”. Referring to Fidesz’ social philosophy, the party president called it “a new kind of feudal system” in which people no longer need to demonstrate any merit as long as they “lick Viktor Orbán’s boots clean” because that is the key to success. Vona mentioned that Jobbik had pressed charges against the Italian land-grabber in Somogy County as well as Lőrinc Mészáros. On the other hand, the demonstrations on the land issue had a disappointingly low attendance.

Gábor Vona also reacted to Viktor Orbán’s Christmas interview, in which the prime minister talked about the concept of civic Hungary and the related debates on goals and means. In the opinion of the leading opposition party’s head what Viktor Orbán said was a half-truth as civic Hungary was no longer represented by Fidesz, which is clearly proven by the government’s management of the land issue, for example. Gábor Vona reminded the viewers that the term “civic Hungary” had recently been called a communication product by the prime minister’s advisor, Gábor G. Fodor. The leader of the national force believes that if our homeland was indeed a civic Hungary, people would not be afraid to express their political intentions publicly. However, that is exactly the case today, as people are afraid that they would lose their jobs if they do so. In Vona’s view, “Viktor Orbán fought so much against socialism that he built a new one instead”, and it’s a “new socialism” we live in today. Jobbik’s president says Hungary would be very hard to build without young people, but Fidesz conducts an anti-youth policy as the party does not consider them as potential voters. However, Vona said, the only reason why senior citizens are “fostered” so much by Fidesz is because they are their voter base. Jobbik’s president believes if Fidesz were truly so interested in helping the elderly, the party “would not have applied indirect means and prevented” Jobbik’s “Man 40+” initiative for a referendum.

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