The European Tree of the Year contest began in 2011. Its purpos is to draw attention to the significance of old trees, in connection with our natural and cultural heritage. This year, Hungary is represented by the oak of Bátaszék, wrote.

According to the website, the oak is a memento of a forest from the 18th century, and there is a chapel behind it. The description says:

“The tree and the chapel guard the settlement and its people, who also found protection here during the flood of 1956. The local farmers have always looked after the tree: they cut the dry branches and painted the stump to protect it from diseases. According to local tradition, the trunk of oak has to be sprinkled with wine in order to ensure next year’s rich grape harvest.”

If you would like to vote for the Hungarian tree, you can do it here. But be quick since the voting lasts only until February 29.



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