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Warning for people celebrating New Year’s Eve in Hungary

Warning for people celebrating New Year’s Eve in Hungary

National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) warned for the dangers of drunk driving, hypothermia and petards. This night, the organization has a reinforced service, wrote.

At the press conference on Tuesday Pal Gyorfi, spokesman of OMSZ asked people not to drive if they consumed alcohol and also to hold back others, because drunk driving is still the main cause of several accidents.

Zoltan Tiszai, head of OMSZ steering group drew attention to the hard, cold night, so the risk of hypothermia is increasing, for example, for those who fall asleep on the street. He also asked people to hold back the using of petards.

He also said the ambulance is preparing for New Year’s Eve with a reinforced service, the number of operators and sent units has been increased. This day, the ambulance has mostly 15-20% more tasks, moreover, it doubles after midnight, which is the critical period, wrote.


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