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Hungary has met with a tremendous amount of both national and international criticism in the past nine years, especially targeting the Prime Minister’s attitude towards press freedom and the rule of law.

The acknowledged American newspaper Washington Post has now argued that Hungary might become a rogue state under Orbán’s rule, citing his speech after his re-election last April: “the era of liberal democracy is over”. In the US, nations that are promoting terrorism are called rogue states, though Hungary is not yet there, the Washington Post highlights that the Hungarian leader and his party are reluctant to co-operate with other NATO foreign ministers. Thus, Hungary’s trustworthiness as an ally is questionable.

The author goes on listing the instances when Orbán or Fidesz have tried to sabotage the progress of NATO relations:

in November 2018 the US requested Hungary to give over a pair of Russian arms dealers, but the latter denied, eventually guaranteeing their safe passage back to Russia.

The dealers were trying to sell antiaircraft missiles to Mexican drug cartels.

A couple of weeks later, in December, at a NATO summit, Hungary’s envoy hindered the improvement of the situation between Ukraine and the NATO, by drawing on the education law that Ukraine introduced (according to this law, the Hungarian minority in Ukraine will not be allowed access to Hungarian primary and secondary school education). James Kirchick boldly concludes that by doing so, ‘Hungary is doing Moscow’s bidding’ since Russia has seized lands from Ukraine.

The article argues that Hungary is considered by many to be Russia’s pawn and a means to gather intel on the NATO and the EU since Orbán is often criticising the EU’s sanctions on Russia. Furthermore, when the Russian aggression against Ukraine has piqued and Europe steered clear from Putin, the Russian president made frequent visits to Budapest, where Orbán warmly received him.

Orbán was regarded by US President Trump’s former top strategist Stephen K. Bannon as “Trump before Trump”,

someone who is independent in his views and is trying to distance his country from democratic alliances like the NATO or EU. Kirchik argues that Orbán has been working on turning Hungary into a one-party (rogue) state long before national populism has shown signs with Brexit or with the election of Trump. Orbán, in this sense, has become “one of the most consequential political figures of the 21st century”.

Hungary is turning away from democratic allies mostly because Orbán disagrees with the West’s view on the migrant crisis. The Hungarian leader is preparing for the days when (Western-)Europe will be torn apart and run by Muslims. Orbán is quite easily looking for an ally and for example in authoritarian Russia – when Putin visited Budapest in 2017, Orbán declared that “we all sense – it’s in the air – that the world is in the process of a substantial realignment”.

Kirchik concludes the article by saying that when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticised Russia and China with the remark “powerful countries and actors whose ambition is to reshape the international order in [their] own illiberal image”, one can easily think of the direction where Orbán is steering Hungary as well.

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  1. Talk about Witch hunts! Witch hunts are back with the Washington Post! Conclusion, steer or be steered, herd or be herded as the West.

  2. Rogue state? Seriously? so Hungary is like Saddam’s Iraq? It’s sponsoring terrorism? It’s arresting journalists? It’s sending the riot squad out to quash any dissent? It’s threatening to invade its neighbours? These “journalists” ought to think a little more before they write.

  3. I haven’t heard Much about CEU this Year…is 9-11 Nador u. still occupied…or has it been emptied out?

  4. This the CEU (so called ‘University’ headed by a ‘College’, ran for the hills when it came time to put down the facts.
    Sounds like this ‘ James Kirchick’ of the Post, is trying very hard to sensationalize Orban by twisting a lot of documented facts and thinking readers won’t pick up. Anyone following the facts can see that Kirchick is twisting them very very hard. I wonder what he thinks he’ll get out of it? Many have long predicted the end of the world too, and many of those have come and went.

  5. The Washington Post has lost its credibility in the USA. It is a leftist paper, supports globalists like soros. The globalist are not happy unless they control all countries through the financial markets. By-the-way, the overtime legislation is voluntary, so the reasonable Hungarians are not protesting it.

  6. Central European University has never been Anything but a Front…not unlike a Chinese Casino whose Front is a “Restaurant” in which you can go in, have a Meal, use the Restroom, Pay the Waitress & leave…but, in the Room behind the Kitchen is where the Money is Made.

    The only Reason for the “University Front” was to be able to get Academia up in Arms if the Hungarian Government chose to have it shut down.

    While 95% of CEU may be moving to Vienna..,that would just be the unimportant 95%…the 5% being left behind for “Operations” in Budapest is the Real Thing…now with Jobbik rather than its “Gender-Study Courses”

    Soros, today, seems to be doing better in Hungary than Imre Nagy.

  7. Ignore the Washington Post … most of America does except for a dwindling group of readers around Sodom on the Potomac feeding off each others vomit in the Deep State/Swamp. Hungary is doing just fine.

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